A Gardener’s Dream Custom Greenhouse

Palmhouse ConservatoryA superb rendition of the iconic Victorian-era conservatory, the design of this fully functional, yet completely custom greenhouse is based upon the renowned Conservatory of Flowers in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. The owners became enamored of the historic structure and wanted to recreate a greenhouse conservatory that would be true to its historic heritage.

When the owners first met with Tanglewood, they presented books with images of the type of timeless old-world-style greenhouse they sought to bring to life. Discussions ensued about the feasibility of the undertaking. Questions about the relative merits of building in steel versus wood, about the use of single glazing versus insulated glass, about what types of mechanical systems should be used, were all explored.

Tanglewood’s story begins with a commitment to the history and tradition of the nineteenth-century conservatory. As students of this tradition, we seek to capture its intricacy and elegance in all our designs.
The owners were very clear. The authenticity of the Victorian conservatory was to be paramount – in every detail – and the structure would need to function as a complete working greenhouse as well. The owner, devoted to her love of gardening, would be spending many, many hours inside the room.

An Interior Look at a DomeThe challenging questions seemed to be: 1) could a modern-made building be designed and built so that it truly captured the essence of the old-world style they sought? 2) Could the requirements of a fully functional greenhouse environment be incorporated into the old-world Victorian conservatory structure they envisioned?

For Tanglewood’s creative designers, no more captivating or challenging opportunity could have been presented. After much work, the questions were answered and the design evolved until the entire team was satisfied.

As production progressed, owners, architects and contractor visited Tanglewood’s facility and gained a firsthand sense of the experience, capabilities and character of the Tanglewood team.

We think the result speaks for itself.

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