Small Greenhouse Conservatory

At a mere six foot wide and sixteen feet long, this small greenhouse conservatory with its generous windows and copper-clad glass roof is perfect for its owner, a discerning botanical enthusiast.

A Small Greenhouse Conservatory

Exterior of GreenhouseThe long, narrow structure of this small greenhouse conservatory had to fit within this tiny footprint as the suburban lot would allow for nothing larger. In spite of its size, the diminutive glass jewel is not overwhelmed by the scale of the adjacent building.

When we surveyed the home at the beginning of the design process, we noticed that the back of the house was comprised of an interesting collection of architectural forms of differing character. There was a stone base with large arched openings to support a patio above, a well proportioned wood trellis on round columns and a gable roof, the alignment of which was skewed from the rest of the house.

However, all the parts had been capably combined to make an agreeable architectural whole. Rather than “blend” into the architecture of the home, the greenhouse conservatory was then designed to protrude out into the yard as an additional feature, elegant of itself yet complementing the other parts and fitting in with the overall design.

Grounds outside Small ConservatoryThe back of the house reminded us of the side of an interesting urban streetscape which confronts one with an engaging lack of uniformity as one walks along. The lot is narrow so the composition of the back of the house cannot be perceived from any one point but can only be encountered as a linear experience in which the conservatory plays a capable part.

A casual visitor to the yard starts a delightful journey through an antique stone arch with iron gates and continues down steps under overhanging lilacs. Round the corner and the greenhouse conservatory appears with its tall narrow fa├žade – charming and unexpected. A different and welcome way to experience a building.

The contractor was originally skeptical of our ability to make the connection to the house watertight since the back side of the greenhouse roof slopes towards it. He requested that our craftsmen be the ones to construct this delicate and critical detail – which we did.

Now, after several years of rain and snow, we can report that the greenhouse has held its own against all weather conditions.