Green House Conservatory

Client Interview
Away from the main house in a gated garden, a well-appointed salon with an in ground spa is hidden within this whimsical stone and brick conservatory.

A Brick & Stone Conservatory

Greenhouse InteriorThe vaulted copper roof, the gabled entry and the transom styled roof windows make for a retreat that is a welcome addition.

The clients wanted a retreat away from the main house that could be used for many different functions. Inside, they sought a well-appointed sitting area and a spa to serve as a magical getaway. The resulting custom stone and brick conservatory adds less than 300 square feet but evokes a rich, mature and timeless feeling that marries well with the existing home.

To accomplish this, the new conservatory design uses brick that was left over from the construction of the existing home so that an exact match was possible. The custom conservatory design also echoes some of the design features of the home such as the gable roof over the entry and the curvilinear entry steps.

Since the interior of the conservatory was too small to divide into separate spaces, it was decided instead to let the formal seating and the informal spa share the one large room and embrace their unique juxtaposition. From a design standpoint, a freestanding building needs to be much more of a “sculptureĀ in a garden”. It will usually be a focal point and needs to be able to hold its own against its backdrop. Positioning of the room is important.How it relates to its surroundings, natural and man made and what the negative space that is created looks like, are questions that need to be carefully considered.

In this case, the side of the stone and brick conservatory serves as one boundary of an adjacent hedge maze and is the terminus of a stone path that begins at an iron gate at the far end of a manicured lawn and winds its way to the conservatory front door.

Though this custom conservatory is set away from the house, it was positioned to be clearly visible from both the front and the back yards.

Creatively designed brick and stonework add a fanciful flair!