Victorian Conservatory Design
Throughout their history, conservatories have not only provided an indoor space for nature, they’ve also extended homes out into nature.

Classic Victorian Conservatory

This classic Victorian conservatory is linked to the main house by a glass walkway, nudging the home out into its landscape, where it settles easily among tall woodland trees.

The addition of the custom glass conservatory was part of a large renovation project that created a new residence for the owners by remodeling an old carriage house on the former estate. The Victorian conservatory is designed to be an intimate sitting room conveniently situated adjacent to – but separated from – the new kitchen and affords a secluded sanctuary away from the bustle of modern family life.

Despite the many wonders of the modern world, there still is no substitute for the glory of nature. The conservatory, unlike any other structure, puts that unrivaled beauty on full display.
The design concept utilizing the glass entryway as a “link”, allows flexibility in connecting different shaped conservatories and greenhouses to other structures. In this case, the use of the “link” makes it easy to connect thhis custom conservatory to the main house.An existing window at the lower level was removed to create a new doorway into the conservatory while the “link”, with its lower roof height, does not interfere with the existing window above.

In addition to saving cost, the strategy also enhances the concept of a “connected yet separate” space. Upon entering the Victorian conservatory under the lower roof line of the glass passageway, arched highlight windows rise up around to dramatic effect.

On the exterior, custom eave brackets add architectural interest and accentuate the cornice. The brick basewall of the new custom conservatory connects it visually with the main structure and the long stalks of lavender just outside the windows draw the eye out into the garden.

With its simple yet elegant design, the 19 foot by 15 foot glass conservatory is just large enough for a sofa, two wing chairs and an old-fashioned card table – a peaceful retreat indeed!