Steel Conservatories &       Greenhouses

Steel and glass were first used extensively as building materials during the latter half of the Nineteenth Century. The second Industrial Revolution which swept Europe and America saw the development of processes for manufacturing large sheets of glass that could be used in the construction of building facades.

As a result, a new age of architectural possibilities was born with the conservatory as one of its most exuberant expressions. Working greenhouses and tropical palm houses were designed to house fifty-foot tall trees beneath decoratively forged steel structures. With their soaring glass rooflines and magical cupolas these enchanting gossamer structures became icons of the age.

One of the earliest examples was the great Crystal Palace designed by Joseph Paxton and built in London in 1851. It was 1851 feet long and 108 feet high at its tallest point.

Today, these ingenious creations of nineteenth-century engineering – whimsical, idealistic and energetic – serve as inspiration to Tanglewood Conservatories, whose modern day follies hearken back to that imaginative era.

Steel Pool House Enclosure

With the lower roof structure
almost complete, the glass
roof, windows, doors and
beautiful stained glass
panels will soon be installed.

Project architect, contractor and job site
superintendent pose with
Nancy and Alan during one
of many site visits to this
large swimming pool enclosure under construction.
The custom made cast iron columns
and steel skeleton tower overhead.

Swimming Pool Enclosure
Steel and Glass Enclosure

The intricate interior
is reminiscent of the
great steel and glass
constructions of the late
nineteenth century. HVAC
piping is set in place to
check its fit.

These cut, welded and forged
steel parts are pre fit on the
shop floor. Correct alignment
is imperative if the structure
is to fit when it arrives on site

Welding the steel parts requires
the skilled hands of an expert
craftsman as the joints must be
both structural and decorative.

Pool House Cupola

A Tanglewood
craftsman finishes
the roof glazing
atop the pool
house cupola.

Greenhouse with Curved Glass Ceiling
Decoratively cut steel
ribs form the skeleton
of this soon to be
completed greenhouse
with curved glass ceiling

Tanglewood’s skilled crewmembers
carefully fit each piece of the
specially fabricated structural
frame into place. Parts are
preassembled and numbered to
assure their correct fit.

Steel Parts of Greenhouse
As with the great
glasshouses of the
intricate patterns
in the steel parts
of this greenhouse

add design interest
and serve to “lighten”
the structure.
Fibonacci Sequence Conservatory Interior

The classic mathematical
“Fibonacci Sequence” is
featured in the steel ribs
of this observation deck.

Bronze Clad Steel Structure
The exterior of this steel
structure, along with the
exquisite finial, is clad
in bronze.
Bronze Clad Steel Observation Deck

Bronze cladding over steel reflects
the afternoon sun in this custom-
designed observation deck.

Steel and Glass Swimming Pool Enclosure
This example of a steel
and glass swimming pool
 nears completion.
Steel Roof Structure

The steel roof
structure is erected
on the shop floor
prior to sending
parts for painting.

The interior of the steel
and glass swimming pool
 features an

interesting mixture of
both industrial looking
and classical details.

Cut out patterns embellish the
steel parts and the “I” beam
rafters give the structure an
industrial look, something the
client desired. 


Interior Parts of Steel and Glass Swimming Pool Enclosure